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7 Simple Home Remedies to Reduce Palm Sweating

7 Simple Home Remedies to Reduce Palm Sweating

Are your hands always wet and gross? Palmar hyperhidrosis is a very uncomfortable problem. You do many things with your hands: shake hands, type, write, play instruments, etc…, so when they are constantly wet and slimy, you have a hard time doing the simplest of tasks.

There are some simple home remedies you can try to reduce palm sweating! A lot of research has been done on palmar hyperhidrosis over the past few years. While it’s an uncommon condition, it’s not as rare as you might think.

Just know that you’re not alone in your suffering, and that there are simple things you can do to control the sweat.

Here are 7 simple home remedies to get you started:

1. Baking soda and baby powder are both good remedies for mild hyperhidrosis. Dissolve some in warm water and dip your hands in the solution for ten minutes. The alkaline property in baking soda reacts with the sweat and keeps the hands dry. Baby powder helps prevent odor.

2. Tomato juice is very beneficial for the skin. It prevents sweating and keeps the skin clean. Start drinking tomato juice once a day for a whole week. You will notice a reduction in palm sweating. One of the causes of excessive sweating is mineral or vitamin deficiency. Many vitamins and minerals, such as potassium and magnesium, are found in tomato juice, so drinking it every day will keep your hands fresh and dry.

3. Carry a rosin bag with you and squeeze it whenever your hands start to feel sweaty. Everyone from baseball pitchers to violinists use rosin bags to keep their hands dry and to give their grip some strength. It’s basically a soft pouch that is filled with rosin powder, which is a substance derived from tree sap and beeswax. Fresh rosin powder can last for up to eighteen months!

4. Zinc is a very important mineral that is needed for overall health. Two of its benefits include perspiration reduction and bad odor prevention. You can either take 30 to 50 mg of zinc supplements a day, or rub zinc oxide powder onto your hands every morning. If you do take zinc supplements, be sure to eat foods rich in copper since zinc can deplete the copper supply in the body.

5. Rosemary is an herbal remedy that strengthens the nervous system. With a strengthened nervous system, your sweat glands won’t be out of control. Rosemary is also a mild sedative. If you’re able to stay calm during the day, you won’t sweat as much.

Rosemary can be found in just about anything: supplements, aromatherapy oils, candles, food seasoning, shampoos, etc. If you don’t like to take pills, you can simply carry around a vial of rosemary essential oil. Inhale it whenever your hands start to feel sweaty.

6. Another simple home remedy is witch hazel. The leaves and bark of this plant are extracted into an astringent which can be applied onto the skin. It’s actually an active ingredient in many lotions and oils. Every morning, apply a thin layer onto your palms with a cotton ball. Witch hazel extract can be found at any drug store. It’s like a natural deodorant that restricts the pores.

7. Sage is a safe and effective natural antiperspirant. In the 1920s, sage tinctures were poured on tuberculosis patients to help control their sweating. Even though it’s no longer used by physicians, you can still use it to prevent hand sweating. It regulates the secretion of perspiration from the sweat glands. It also helps to regulate the nervous system, which is responsible for the production of sweat.

You can take sage extract in supplement or tincture form, OR brew the leaves in tea. Most people like the taste of sage tea. Just drink two cups a day for a few days and you should notice a reduction in sweat.

Simple home remedies really can be useful when it comes to reducing palm sweating. Give these a try and you should find at least one or two that work for you!

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Jason Ellis has been helping girls and guys with low self esteem for years with strategies. His tips for helping low self esteem have helped many children and adults improve their self image and go on to live more fulfilling lives.


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